West Sands

West Sands Added Value

West Sands provides grounded insight precisely contextualised to client needs. We employ creative solutions to legally isolate information and insight.

Engaging with West Sands brings clients the following benefits:

  • Access to public records through proprietary databases, or directly from government agencies and local courts.
  • Multilingual research of open sources through a team of multilingual researchers. West Sands in-house team speaks over 12 languages.
  • Discreet access to privileged non-public information obtained through a dedicated multi-disciplinary human source network analysed by subject-matter experts. We do not fly teams into a country to conduct cold interviews, our human sources are known to us, verified, tried and tested.
  • Results contextually relevant to specific client requirements. West Sands provides insight through depth of access, and breadth of experience and knowledge.
  • Protection from compromise. West Sands ensures that its operations do not directly or inadvertently disclose client interests.
  • Triangulated and verified findings. West Sands does not present rumor as intelligence.
  • Quality and reliability.
  • Access to an emerging market advisor that operates in accordance to a strictly defined and monitored code of conduct.