West Sands

About Us

Bringing corroborated and grounded intelligence and measured analysis to our clients

The strength of West Sands lies in our ability to look beyond the façade, corroborating information through a combination of in-country source enquiries, verified media reports and public records searches, to ensure factual accuracy.

West Sands employs a stringent analytical process, adding the subject matter expertise needed, to turn data into intelligence. Access to our team of in-house analysts, in-country associates, and an extensive network of local sources, enables our clients to make informed decisions about market entry, partner selection, asset acquisitions, and political risk mitigation.

Our clients benefit from our experience, perspective, and organisational structure. This provides them with:

  • Discretion and confidentiality, and quality and reliability
  • Objective assessments of issues of concern that may ultimately impact the success or sustainability of a venture or relationship.
  • An extensive and diverse range of in-country sources that provide insight and can corroborate or refute public allegations.
  • An unrivalled network of country and subject-matter experts able to identify nuances and counter-trends.
  • Multi-lingual analysts who integrate relevant language searches and incorporate cultural sensitivity into all assignments.
  • Open and public sources measured against ‘ground truth’, particularly in markets where domestic news sources and public records can be limited and/or unreliable.